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Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Yu Ren Tuition centre specialises in Chinese language tuition. The centre has been open for many years with comfortable learning environment and good facilities. All teachers come from China, and they have many years of teaching experience and a high sense of responsibility. They adopt effective and flexible teaching strategies and techniques to benefit their students. Their strict teaching requirement can ensure their students' grades to improve vastly within a short period of time. The centre designs its own teaching materials which covers comprehensive content with varieties of exercises for both speaking and writing skill, including oral examination, composition, dictation, sentence making, etc., which permit students to develop communicative skill effectively. The followings are the learning experiences and feedback from the children for your easy reference.

Yu Ren Tuition Centre

Excellence teachers mostly from Christian team

Materials follow syllabus and update rapidly

Outstanding teaching method, learn fast and easy

Result improving within 3 months



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